PRP Enhances Results NeoGraft Results

PRP Enhances Results NeoGraft Results

Now’s the time

  • Restore Your Hair
  • Free PRP treatment to enhance resutls!
  • Save on future aesthetic treatments!

PRP Enhances Results

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentration of all the growth factors found in your blood. We withdraw a measure, process it and apply it to the treatment area. The concentration of growth factors enables skin and tissue to recover faster and stronger. This means quicker recovery for you, and more successful hair follicle transfers.

PRP is a great way to enhance the results of your NeoGraft procedure. AND IT’S FREE when you purchase your NeoGraft® procedure. That’s a $600 value!

If you purchase NeoGraft before 11/30, you’ll also have the opportunity to SAVE 25% on gift card purchases for future aesthetic treatments*. This is a great opportunity to give a beautiful gift this holiday season.

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